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Dry Eye


What are artificial tears?

Artificial tears are a product used to supplement natural tear production and keep the eye hydrated to relieve the symptoms of dry eye.

How do I know if I need a dry eye or allergy product?

The cause of your symptoms will best determine what kind of product you need. GENTEAL® Tears Mild, Moderate and Severe products all treat dry eye symptoms. If you experience redness, itchiness or other irritation due to allergies, you may need an allergy product. If you are uncertain which product to use, consult your eye care professional.

What’s the difference between drops, gels and ointments?

GENTEAL® Tears Liquid Drops is primarily recommended for daytime use and mild irritation, while thicker formulas such as gels and ointments are recommended for nighttime application or severe irritation.

Does GENTEAL® Tears treat dry eye conditions related to medication?

GENTEAL® Tears helps relieve the symptoms of dry eye due to a variety of causes. Talk to your doctor about any eye irritation you experience from taking medication.

Is GENTEAL® Tears good for eyes that are dry and strained from computer vision syndrome or digital eye strain?

Yes. GENTEAL® Tears works well to relieve dry eye symptoms that may result after extended exposure to digital screens or monitors.

Does GENTEAL® Tears offer preservative-free products?

Yes. GENTEAL® Tears Preservative Free Moderate Liquid Drops is a preservative-free formula offering dry eye relief for those with sensitive eyes.


How do I know if the bottle has been tampered with? I can’t tell by the packaging.

If the seal on the bottle is broken or damaged, do not use the product.

Can this product be used by people who wear contact lenses?

Yes, but always remove your contact lenses before use.

If I use a nighttime product, do I also need to use a daytime product?

Depending on the severity of symptoms, some people choose to use GENTEAL® Tears products at night and during the day. If you continue to experience dry eye symptoms during the day, you may choose to use a Mild or Moderate relief product.

Can I use dry eye products in combination with allergy products?

Dry eye symptoms and allergy symptoms can be similar. Talk to your eye care professional to make sure you are using the right product for your symptoms.

Do gels and ointments blur your vision? If so, for how long?

Lubricant eye gels and eye ointments typically have a thicker consistency than liquid drops and can therefore cause temporary blurring of your vision. Because the duration of this blurring can depend on multiple factors, we generally recommend using gels and ointments at night before going to bed.

Do gels and ointments require reapplication through the night?

No. Applying one to two drops or a thin ribbon of gel or ointment is recommended before going to bed. If you feel your eyes are still uncomfortably dry when you wake up, apply a Mild or Moderate product during the day.


Do eye drops, gels and ointments expire?

Yes. An expiration date is printed on the package of all GENTEAL® Tears products to ensure the efficacy of our products.

Do I need to refrigerate these products once opened?

No. GENTEAL® Tears products can be stored at room temperature.

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